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  • ...for new software, so it mostly saw ports. Despite having rather impressive hardware, the PC was out-competed by more affordable rivals like the [[Apple II]], [ ...://] - Site for ROMs, manuals, etc.
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  • ...a very competitive price tag. Initially, the system used nearly identical hardware to the PCjr, but where IBM dropped their PCjr line after only a few years, * Unlike the PCjr, Tandy continued to increase the quality of the hardware, ultimately making it superior even to the IBM AT/XT models as well.
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  • ...from the film, which is already great, but it's also well-arranged for the hardware. * The game comes with a detailed manual, though the European manuals are bland since they have to cram so much text in them.
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  • ...latform which included game play instructions and anything specific to the hardware.
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