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  • ...] program. There is some wiggle room based on the fact that not all of the songs I like have accurate composer credits and many bands don't accurately accre # [[Johnny Rzeznik]]
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  • ...1998-09-22 and and produced by the Goo Goo Dolls and [[Rob Cavallo]]. The songs are mostly [[alternative rock]] and they mostly deal with relationships. ...was crushing on at the time, and I had also heard a couple of their other songs from movies and TV shows. This led me to buying ''Dizzy Up the Girl'', and
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  • ...produced by [[Lou Giordano]], [[Rob Cavallo]], and the Goo Goo Dolls. The songs are mostly a mix of [[alternative rock]] and [[post-grunge]]. ...uld also end up being fired after 20 years with the band, again because of Rzeznik, for wanting to take paternity leave to be with his newborn.
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  • ...ostly [[Johnny Rzeznik]]'s work and all the album's singles consist of his songs. ...s drummer and fired the other for wanting to take care of his newborn, the songs critical of commercialism and greed now sound less like criticism and more
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  • ...y by [[Johnny Rzeznik]] with [[Robby Takac]]. The album recording features Rzeznik on vocals and acoustic guitar, Takac on bass, [[George Tutuska]] on drums. {{Link|SongMeanings|}}
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