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  • ...published by [[Taito]] on the [[Nintendo Entertainment System|NES]] 1989-11-17. The game borrows heavily from ''[[Shinobi]]'' and ''[[Rolling Thunder]]' beating, I went back and played it in an emulator and beat it on 2019-01-07
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  • .... All you need is to do is tell yourself you're going to be all right, self-medicate, have a nap, and figure out where you went wrong. ==Media==
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  • ...Xbox One]], [[PlayStation 4]], and [[Switch]]. The game uses a typical side-view platformer display and incorporates many action and puzzle elements. the graphics looked really interesting. I first beat the game on 2020-02-09 and then played it again to unlock more achievements. It was quite enjoya
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  • ...s. In the UK, two 4-track singles were released with completely different b-sides. ...he disappears, and his heart is broken. The song is pretty obviously about drugs as well as the girl's name is "Mary Jane," (slang for marijuana) and "danci
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  • ...rn in 1949, to when the song was released in 1989, demonstrating that world-changing events were already in the works when his generation was born, and ...cassette, and CD, and typically had ''[[House of the Blue Light]]'' as a B-side, and sometimes also ''[[Just the Way You Are]]''.
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  • ...s music is a mix of [[hard rock]], [[heavy metal]], and [[glam metal]] and theme of the songs include drug use, sex, love, and various forms of excess. ...and R rather than they typical A and B. Songs on the "guns" side are about drugs and violence, while songs on the "roses" side are more about love and roman
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  • [[Barry Levinson]] and released on 1985-12-04. The film is based on a re-imagination of the characters of [[Sir Arthur Conan Doyle]], particularly Sh ...s friends dangerously entwined in an assassin's plot to use hallucinogenic drugs which cause people to inadvertently kill themselves!
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  • ...Quin]], known from their band, [[Tegan and Sara]], and published on 2019-09-24. ...hrough puberty, dating and discovering their sexuality, partying and using drugs, their parents' separation, their love of music, learning how to play instr
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  • ...le the the characters compared with the stuffy uniforms seen in classic sci-fi. ...ound an audience with people who couldn't relate to the earlier sterile sci-fi and preferred the grittiness of the new style. When these books were conv
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  • ...Verne]]. It was first published in French as a serial completed on 1872-12-21. It is the 11th book in Verne's [[Extraordinary Voyages (universe)|''Extr ...ent are convinced Fogg is the thief who is fleeing the country with his ill-gotten gains, so they pursue him around the globe in at attempt to stop him.
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