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  • '''''Altered Carbon''''' is a science fiction hard-boiled crime novel by [[Richard Morgan]], published in 2002. The story takes ...e was murdered. However, since his consciousness is only backed up every 48-hours, he has no memory of what happened. So, he hires Takeshi Kovacs, a con
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  • ...ed my favorite even after reading the rest of the series. However, after re-reading it, I've recognized several severe plot holes and a lot of other pro to Harry, but, while they can memorize the layout of Hogwarts, the real-time updates of where everyone is located would still be a benefit too price
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  • ...meets Fiona, who is new age and a bit disturbed, and her oblivious 11-year-old boy, Marcus. Will is all set to write them off when he Fiona tries to ki | Read = Audiobook read by [[Julian Rhind-Tutt]].
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  • ...y written by [[Nick Hornby]], with the first episode being shown on 2014-02-02. The show stars [[David Walton]] as Will Freeman, [[Minnie Driver]] as Fi ...d movie, I discovered that there was a short-lived TV series with the same theme. Seeing that it was only 2 seasons, I feared it would be bad, but hoped it
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  •]]'s book, ''[[About a Boy]]''. It was first shown in theaters on 2002-04-26. It stars [[Hugh Grant]] as Will Freeman, [[Nicholas Hoult]] as Marcus Br to be able to identify the book's title when I saw it in stores being re-released for the film, and, it, along with ''[[High Fidelity (film)|High Fid
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  • ...which were double-length. The show focuses on the IT department of a London-based company which is staffed by a lazy comic book geek, a nerd with no int ==Media==
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  • ...idelity''''' is a novel written by [[Nick Hornby]] and published on 1995-04-13. The story revolves around Rob, an insecure music snob who has just broke | Finished = 2007 / 2019‎-05-07
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  • ==0-9== '''[[one-credit completion|1CC]]'''
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  • In the novel, a huge sea monster threatens ocean-faring ships and a team of sailors, with help from naturalist Pierre Aronnax ...d this one as well since it's such a seminal work. I finished it on 2022-07-14, and, as expected, I didn't care for it either.
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  • ...rn in 1949, to when the song was released in 1989, demonstrating that world-changing events were already in the works when his generation was born, and ...cassette, and CD, and typically had ''[[House of the Blue Light]]'' as a B-side, and sometimes also ''[[Just the Way You Are]]''.
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  • ...ellas written by Farmer in the 1960s: ''Day of the Great Shout'' and ''The Suicide Express''. The book's sequel is ''[[The Fabulous Riverboat]]''. ...valley. Everyone is resurrected with bodies when they were around 25-years-old, in perfect health, and with perpetual youth. Food is dispersed frequent
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  • ...''' is a [[documentary]] film by [[Kristine Stolakis]] published on 2021-06-16. It describes the horrors of American Christian LGBT conversation abuse f ...o make sure my wife was truly aware of it as well. We watched it on 2021-08-22, and my wife was appalled throughout the entire film.
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  • ...ority of the Earth's population to go blind while, at the same time, a semi-intelligent carnivorous plant species begins killing off everyone. | Finished = 2021-11-26
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  • ...ecome severely over-populated, healthcare can only be afforded by the ultra-wealthy, people sell off their organs to pay their family's debts, and a ric | Finished = 2022-01-21.
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