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  • ...vel book about Great Britain by [[Bill Bryson]], first published on 1995-05-01. The book was written because Bryson wanted to take one last trip around | Finished = 2019-07-23.
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  • a non-fiction memoir written by [[Bill Bryson]] and published in 1998-05-05. It recounts his adventures hiking the [[Appalachian Trail]] with his fri ...Nearly Everything]]'', I decided to give it a go. I finished it on 2017-11-08.
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  • ...Salem's Lot''''' is a horror novel by [[Stephen King]] published on 1975-10-17. ...mself with Jerusalem's Lot, goes on for far too long. It reads more like a travelogue than a horror novel.
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  • ...|''Extraordinary Voyages'' series]], reading not just as a novel, but as a travelogue. ...ent are convinced Fogg is the thief who is fleeing the country with his ill-gotten gains, so they pursue him around the globe in at attempt to stop him.
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