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  • The '''Goo Goo Dolls''' are an American rock group that began with a [[punk]] sound and slowly became more tame into [[alternative rock]], and finally [[Category: Bands]]
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  • ...orite bands into the bedroom in her mind, at 14 she has a lesbian crush on punk rock girls, who she takes to the closet in her mind. I love how the locatio When I was fourteen I liked the girls in the punk rock bands
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  • '''Green Day''' is an American [[punk rock]] band. In 1986, [[Billie Joe Armstrong]] and [[Mike Dirnt]] formed a ...o start buying their albums. Despite them having become one of my favorite bands, I still feel like a fake fan because it took me so long to appreciate them
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  • ...enre became more popular in the late 1980s, more and more alternative rock bands were signed to major publishing labels. ...but rather reflects their prominence in the society of the time. Alt-rock bands usually have a more subdued appearance, relying less on flashy costumes and
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