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  • '''Queen''' is a British rock band formed in London in 1971. They have been my favorite band since Middle ...e members is directly involved with creating new music. Unlike so many pop bands which either feature a single artist with an interchangeable band, or a voc
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  • * [[Brighton Rock]] - Music and lyrics. * [[Stone Cold Crazy]] - Co wrote with the rest of the band and previous bands.
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  • ...]] and then added bassist [[Pierre de Reeder]], and drummer [[Dave Rock]]. Rock was replaced by [[Jason Boesel]] after the release of ''[[Take Offs and Lan * [[David Rock]] - Drums (1998-2001).
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  • ...egan with a punk sound and slowly became more tame into their current soft rock sound. Most of the songs that I enjoy by them are between the [[Superstar C [[Category: Bands]]
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  • ...ed with the style of the 2000s. I first discovered them on Blalock's Indie Rock Playlist, and became a fan of their music. For my taste, their albums have * [[Rock'n Roll]]
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  • ...s, with the other members playing instruments. The music mixes pop form of rock jazz and blues with an indie production style. Many of their songs are emot I first discovered them on Blalock's Indie Rock Playlist, with the song [[2008 (Hello Saferide Song)|2008]], which caused m
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  • '''Youth Group''' is an Australian indie rock band that formed in the late 1990s. The band is mostly the vehicle of [[Tob [[Category: Bands]]
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  • '''''13''''' is an alternative rock song from the band [[Rilo Kiley]]. It's track 6 on their early demo CD, [[S ...bands into the bedroom in her mind, at 14 she has a lesbian crush on punk rock girls, who she takes to the closet in her mind. I love how the location alw
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  • '''''Troublemaker''''' is an alternative rock song by [[Weezer]] released as a digital single on 2008-05-20, and released The singers in the other bands
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  • '''Eve 6''' is an American alternative rock group that formed in Southern California in 1995. For most of the band's ...sound and playful lyrics caused them to rapidly became one of my favorite bands. It was only then that I found out they had recently broken up 2004. I stil
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  • '''Green Day''' is an American punk rock band. In 1986, [[Billie Joe Armstrong]] and [[Mike Dirnt]] formed a band ca ...o start buying their albums. Despite them having become one of my favorite bands, I still feel like a fake fan because it took me so long to appreciate them
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  • '''Weezer''' is an American alternative rock group that formed in Los Angeles, California in 1992. [[Category: Bands]]
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