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  •'' games, it has a lot of "toy" features, but, unlike most early ''Sim'' games, it has a game modes with a clear victory condition. I got ''SimAnt'' in the mid-1990s, not just because I really liked ''Sim'' games, but also because I always thought ants were really interesting. I found ou
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  • '''''Little Inferno''''' is a sandbox [[puzzle video game]] developed and published by [[Tomorrow Corporation]] a [[Category: Games]]
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  • send the space alien to destroy everything. However, like most ''Sim'' games, I got bored with the game before too long because there is no objective. H * Like most Maxis games, it came with a very thorough manual.
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  • [[Category: Games]] [[Category: Video Games]]
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  • ...jectives and unlockable content to make it more like a typical game than a sandbox game compared to what was typical of the [[Sim (universe)|''Sim'' series]] [[Category: Games]]
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  • [[Category: Games]] [[Category: Video Games]]
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  • ...ostly Tigerproof]] and [[Twinbeard Studios]] and published by [[Adult Swim Games]] for [[Windows]] on 2016-12-26. * There are dozens of references to other games including ''[[The Legend of Zelda]]'', ''[[Adventure (video game)|Adventure
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  • ...asfilm Games]] reacted to them by advertising that many of their adventure games were completely free of unwinnable states. ...y, or worse, never discover that you did anything wrong. I usually forgive games that can be put into an unwinnable state when the game makes it obvious tha
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  • [[Category: Games]] [[Category: Video Games]]
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  • ...emember us deleting the game from his computer to free up memory for other games, and then being completely unable to get the game to load when we reinstall ...quite revolutionary for the time. It is incredibly immersive with a lot of sandbox elements that let you live in the world, rather than just walk through it.
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  • of Japan, I had no idea that ''A-Train'' was a hugely-popular series of games in Japan, and just assumed it was the first game of its kind. [[Category: Games]]
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  • ...g platforms, was quickly extended with scrolling backgrounds, and most new games in the genre adopted it as the standard. ...rmer, the genre still remains a staple video game mechanic, and platformer games are still being developed to this day.
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  • ...instead of using multiple continues, which anyone can do. Mostly refers to games of arcade origin. Also referred to as one-coin clear. rendered with 2D bitmaps. In more recent years, the term is used for 3D games which use mock-2D visuals and mechanics.
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  • | [[Action (video game genre)|Action]] || Games which require fast reflexes. || ''[[Combat]]'', ''[[Vanguard]]'' | [[Action role-playing game]] || Games which user RPG elements, but use heavy action elements. || ''[[Secret of Ma
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  • ...universe)|''Sim'' series]] and became hugely popular with many sequels and games made in other mediums like a board game and card game. ...crime and pollution, and manage disasters. Like a lot of the early ''Sim'' games, ''SimCity'' is more of a toy than a game.
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  • ...mergent game play]], and [[user-generated content]], but, in order to be a sandbox game, the game should allow the player to be creative, and, in order to dis Some games, like ''[[SimCity]]'', are entirely designed around the sandbox concept and don't even feature a way to win, but still have enough game mec
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