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  • ...released as track 12 on the album ''[[England Keep My Bones]]'' on 2011-06-06. ...d to paradise after death when we have it in ourselves to make the here-and-now a better place? I will always proudly and loudly proclaim, there is no g
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  • ...on 1977-06-07 with ''[[You and I]]'' as the B-side. The song was also the B-side for some versions of the ''[[Somebody to Love]]'' single. ...'s]] ''[[Piece of Mind]]''. The album art is an altered version of the self-titled album of the little known 1970s rock band, [[Alexis (Band)|Alexis]] w
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  • ...a solo with guitar and vocals, until it picks up in the last third of the song with drums and violin. ...bums and found this one. After listening to the album a couple times, this song quickly stood out to me and has become my favorite on the record and one of
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  •, several bands still saw commercial success. Some early pioneers of the genre include bands like [[Emerson, Lake & Palmer]], [[King Crimson]], and [[Yes ...ock]]. Those bands that embraced the experimentalism aspects founded [[post-rock]] and [[experimental rock]].
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  • ...irst appeared as track six on ''[[More Adventurous]]'', on 2004-08-17. The song was composed by [[Jenny Lewis]] and [[Blake Sennett]], produced by [[Mark T Despite the title, this song has very little to do with [[atheism]] and is more about trying to figure o
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  • ...soundtrack on 1999-06-04. The song was published by the band on their self-titled EP, ''[[Rilo Kiley (album)|Rilo Kiley]]'' in 1999 where it is track 2 The song was composed by [[Jenny Lewis]] and [[Blake Sennet]]. There are no official
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  • ...t genres like [[psychedelic rock]], [[progressive rock]], [[punk rock]], [[folk rock]], [[hard rock]], [[heavy metal]], [[alternative rock]], [[indie rock] ...2000s, when I was in my 20s, that I started actively branching out into non-rock genres.
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  • ...ements of [[doo wop]], [[blues]], [[jazz]], [[soul]], [[classical]], and [[folk rock]]. Billy Joel has released over a dozen albums, most of which were ext ...all of his albums and discovered that I didn't like the majority of his non-singles. However, my friend Jackie spoke very highly of ''[[Vienna]]'', so I
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  • ...ed by [[MECC]], initially for the [[Apple II]] in 1985, then later for [[MS-DOS]] in 1990. This is the fifth release of the game, and it often viewed as ...s, I decided to actually play it all the way through and beat it on 2021-04-20 as a banker.
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  • [[Image:Byrds, The - 1967.jpg|thumb|256x256px|[[The Byrds]] helped define folk rock in 1965.]] ...late 1960s, it became its own distinct form of [[British folk rock]]. The genre was most popular in the USA from the late 1960s through the 1970s, but saw
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  • ...rfunkel - Sound of Silence, The - Single - Side A.png|thumb|256x256px|The A-side label of the single.]] ...countries, and hitting number one in the USA, Japan, and South Africa. The song has since been covered by dozens of artists and used in several films and t
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  • ...d as track 7 on the album ''[[England Keep My Bones]]'' on 2011-06-06. The song presents a secular view of death and how our constituents continue even aft ...tirely from the people that came before him. For awhile after hearing this song I listened to dozens of times on repeat.
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