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  • ...ollage - Favorite Video Games.png|thumb|512x512px|A collage of my favorite video games.]] ...y favorite games broken out by their genre. See also my [[list of favorite video games by year]].
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  • ...SCUMM]] engine, it doesn't use the typical verb-object control scheme. The game also came with an audio drama which gave backstory to the world. ...going to be called ''Forge'' and focus on the blacksmith's guild, but the game was never made.
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  • ...d by [[Bullfrog Productions]] and published by [[Electronic Arts]] for [[MS-DOS]] in 1994. You control a wizard who rides on a magic carpet and uses mag ...inning of each new world. Years later I made an effort to try and beat the game entirely, and beat the first 25 worlds, then went on to beat a large portio
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  • ...collecting mana. There are many spells to learn and 50 worlds to save. The game introduces new spells, monsters, and two new environments, night time world I own a Windows copy of this game on CD, and have beaten it.
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  • [[Image:HuniePop - W32 - USA.jpg|thumb|256x256px|Multi-platform world release.]] The more gifts you buy them, and the better you do in the matching game, the more they fall for you and send you pornographic pictures until you ev
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  • ...[[Ren'Py]]. The game is set in 1988 and you play a lone hacker who uses pre-Internet Bulletin Board Systems to uncover a conspiracy and find love. ...ranked on JayIsGames. After beating it, my overall feel was an unfinished game that could have been a better with a lot more polish.
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  • ...n 3-D - DOS - Screenshot - E1M1 Start.png|thumb|256x256px|''[[Wolfenstein 3-D]]'' is one of the first FPSes with free movement and textured walls.]] ...y popular, primarily because of [[id Software]] releasing ''[[Wolfenstein 3-D]]'' and ''[[Doom]]''.
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  • ...and play styles. There is also a [[:Category:Video Game Genres|video game genre category]]. | [[Action (video game genre)|Action]] || Games which require fast reflexes. || ''[[Combat]]'', ''[[Vang
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  • ...sure Suit Larry'' series]]. This particular title includes jacks or better video [[poker]], [[blackjack]] (with surrendering and doubling), and a [[slot mac ...Software Picks'' series that I tried. As expected, it was just a gambling simulator and nothing else. I tried a few times to amass the $10,000 needed to break
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  • [[Image:SimAnt - DOS - Screenshot - New Game.png|thumb|256x256px|Simulating ant colonies in ''[[SimAnt]]''.]] popular, especially with flight simulators and battle reenactments. The genre has since expanded to the point where even very specific processes, as well
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  • ...nami]] for the [[Nintendo Entertainment System|NES]] in November 1987. The game was also ported to [[VS. System]] as as ''Vs. Top Gun''. It is very loosely In the game you pilot an F-14 Tomcat across four missions where you must destroy enemy aircraft and gro
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