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  • ...Station 3]] and [[Xbox 360]] on 2009-10-20, and later for [[Windows]]. The game is set on a desolate planet called Pandora which was being mined by a compa I own this game and all DLC. I have beaten the main game with 100% quest completion and the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned with 100% quest
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  • ...erse)|Mario universe]] and begins the new "Super" series within it. In the game, the Mushroom Kingdom has been taken over by King Koopa (later called Bowse ...ory, not only because it broke all previous records of sales for a console game, but because it maintained that record for over 20 years until out-sold by
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  • '''''Battletoads''''' is a [[platformer]] [[beat 'em up]] game developed by [[Rare]] and published by [[Tradewest]], originally on the [[N ...nish the stage and do the Arctic Caverns, but I gradually grew to hate the game because of its difficulty.
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  • ...are]]. Although it is numbered as the fourth game, it's actually the fifth game in the [[Commander Keen (universe)|series]]. ...round 1992. It had added support for the four-button controller making the game much easier to play than with the keyboard or a two-button controller.
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  • ...ntertainment System|NES]] for release in other countries. It is the second game in the [[The Legend of Zelda (universe)|''Zelda'' series]]. In the game's story, even though Ganon has been defeated, his evil monsters live on, an
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  • ...dows]] and [[Macintosh]] on 2010-06-30, and then ported to [[iOS]]. In the game, you play Nelson Tethers, an FBI agent working in the little-known puzzle d I got this game from a bundle of some sort. I liked the cartoon drawings in the screenshots
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  • '''''Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre''''' is a casual action game developed by [[Juicy Beast Studio]] and published by [[Kongregate]] for the after it came out knowing I had finished the original [[Burrito Bison]] game. He informed me it was something I could do while waiting for my wife to gi
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  • ...itle and continues the growing [[Mario (universe)|Mario universe]]. In the game, Princess Peach has once again been kidnapped by Bowser, but this time his has since become one of my favorites and I view it as one of the best video games ever made.
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  • ...the title, '''''Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game'''''. The game is set in the [[Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (universe)|''Teenage Mutant Ni ...d scour the trash cans for bottles to get refunds for quarters to play the game. At our best, we made it all the way to stage 6.
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  • [[Image:Circuit Scramble - AND - Icon.png|thumb|256x256px|Game's icon.]] ...d and published by [[Suborbital Games]] for [[Android]] in April 2016. The game presents you with a collection of logic gates like AND, OR, XOR, all wired
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  • ...sappearance of mana. It is your destiny to figure out why and stop it. The game allows for up to 3 players to play simultaneously. the game. Several years later, I finally beat the end boss and beat the game.
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