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  • ...was remade to better-fit home console play. In the Japanese version of the game, neo-Nazis have discovered lost plans for a giant war machine, but only Hit ...trying to get past Area 6, but he was able to do it one day, and beat the game. Then, he played through it again to show me the ending, which is fantastic
    8 KB (1,275 words) - 15:36, 29 August 2019
  • ...can perform tasks that will affect the normal sized world. Ultimately, the game seems to exist as the back-story of Link's hat. I never owned a Game Boy Advance, so I didn't play this game when it came out. However, as an avid Zelda fan, I made a point to play it,
    8 KB (1,390 words) - 10:27, 10 September 2019
  • ...doned; lights are left on, food has been left out, etc. A note on the door shows that Katie's younger sister Sam has run away, and the mother and father are I got this game as part of a Humble Bundle. The eerie-looking title card drew me in enough
    4 KB (741 words) - 11:18, 10 September 2019
  • ...nterfacing. The creator of the OASIS, an extremely wealthy eccentric video game designer, just died and left his billions to the first person who could fin ...much geek talk regarding old video games, comic books, movies, television shows, and music was very fun and nostalgic.
    4 KB (607 words) - 13:08, 12 May 2019
  • ...engine to work with the various platforms. However, the ports to the NES, Game Boy Color, and PC-9801 were made by Japanese companies who most likely rema ...MS-DOS]] !! [[Apple IIgs]] !! [[NES]] !! [[PC-9801]] !! [[Windows 3]] !! [[Game Boy Color]]
    8 KB (1,168 words) - 10:54, 15 July 2019
  • by [[Square]] released on the [[SNES]] on 1994-04-02. It is the sixth game in the [[Final Fantasy (universe)|series]] and the last release to use a 2D as it ties me to several teen friends, but it's also just a really fun game.
    17 KB (2,990 words) - 16:03, 10 September 2019
  • ...ased off Nintendo's earlier arcade game, ''[[Punch-Out!!]]''. The original game features Mike Tyson as the final boxer, but after Nintendo's license expire I first played this game at a friend's house in the late 1980s. Having no idea what I was doing, I b
    17 KB (2,789 words) - 10:43, 30 August 2019
  • ...n about ants. Like a lot of the early Sim games, it's more of a toy than a game. really interesting. I found out they're even more interesting from this game, especially from the manual.
    6 KB (1,054 words) - 20:47, 17 September 2019
  • ...Boy Advance]] on 2004-02-09. It is a remake of the [[Metroid|original NES game]] using an engine closer to that of ''[[Super Metroid]]'' rather than the o I began this game, initially not knowing it was a remake of the first ''Metroid''. Having a p
    5 KB (717 words) - 11:27, 10 September 2019
  • '''''The Legend of Zelda''''' is a series of games, television shows, manga, and more. I first experienced the series when I played the ''[[The ===Video Games===
    6 KB (1,061 words) - 09:41, 1 August 2019
  • ...rious other media. The original concept was created by [[Capcom]] with the video games, and it branched out into various other forms of media during the Nin ...ause of the annoying difficulty level. Unless you resort to spoilers, each game requires a lot of boring trial and error to determine a useful play strateg
    3 KB (615 words) - 13:55, 11 August 2019
  • ...erse)|Mario universe]] and begins the new "Super" series within it. In the game, Mushroom kingdom has been taken over by King Koopa (later called Bowser) a ...ory, not only because it broke all previous records of sales for a console game, but because it maintained that record for over 20 years until out-sold by
    11 KB (1,779 words) - 10:47, 10 September 2019
  • ...ed in several manga, and elements of the games have appeared in television shows. ...I next played and beat the second game, then, in the mid-2000s I used a [[Game Boy Advance]] emulator to play and beat ''[[Metroid Fusion]]'' and finally
    5 KB (772 words) - 11:21, 18 September 2019
  • ...d gun developed by [[Nintendo Software Technology]] and published on the [[Game Boy Color]] by [[Nintendo]] in January 2000. ...with a different enemy, with only a few similarities to the original. The game must not have sold well because Capcom didn't even bother with a Japanese r
    3 KB (472 words) - 15:47, 29 August 2019
  • ...leased on the [[NES]] in September of 1989, then [[Game Boy]] in 1990. The game takes place in the [[DuckTales (universe)|DuckTales universe]]. ...ntil around 2010 when I played it properly and found it to be a delightful game.
    5 KB (804 words) - 08:58, 4 September 2019
  • ...ferent cities, passing other cars and trying not to skid off the road. The game was clearly designed to try and capture some of the success of ''[[OutRun]] ...get to the third, maybe fourth track, but I've never cared enough for the game to really try and beat it.
    4 KB (707 words) - 11:02, 30 August 2019
  • ...hanged some of the graphics around to make it a [[Mario (universe)|Mario]] game. game appreciation, I discovered that it's actually a very well-made game, and it's grown on me a lot. It took me over 25 years from the point I firs
    18 KB (3,210 words) - 11:28, 10 September 2019
  • ...heme developed by [[Quintet]] and published by [[Enix]] on 1990-12-16. The game has two modes, one section plays as a [[real-time strategy]] where you buil ...out. I took awhile to get down the boss battles, but I eventually beat the game, and enjoyed it.
    5 KB (749 words) - 09:58, 17 September 2019
  • cameo, several extensive hint books were made, and even comics and game books were written to introduce the [[Ultima (universe)|''Ultima'' series]] ...erased his save game file, and my brother and I tried to rush through the game to get back all the stuff he had, but were unable to, he was very mad. But
    18 KB (3,250 words) - 15:16, 9 September 2019
  • ...the biggest video game empire in history. It has spawned games, television shows, movies, comic books, even breakfast cereals. ...eally cool. When my brother and I bought our NES around 1988, I played the game religiously.
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