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Square One Television was a children's television program produced by the Children's Television Workshop which ran five seasons from 1987-01-26 to 1992-11-06, and filmed 230 episodes. It used a half-hour time slot comprised of a series of short sketches throughout each show, most of which were math-related parodies including Mathnet (a parody of Dragnet), Mathman (a parody of Pac-Man), and Mathcourt (a parody of The People's Court). The sketches also included cartoons like Dirk Niblick of the Math Brigade and various music videos about math. Some of the sketches from Square One Television were also included in other Children's Television Workshop products like the magazine for 3-2-1 Contact.


My mother has been a big supporter of PBS all through my life, so PBS was frequently on TV in our house and I grew to like it. This show came on after I got home from school, and I would frequently watch it. My favorite segments were Mathnet and Mathman. I still remember a few sketches from the show and the math lessons I learned from it.


The primary cast was a group of adults who played various characters in each sketch.



The show also featured a large assortment of cameos from various celebrities.


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Intro, 1991.
Intro, 1992.


Strong female character?Pass
Bechdel test?Unknown
Strong person of color character?Pass
Queer character?Fail


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