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Standing Up is a movie based on the coming-of-age book The Goats by Brock Cole. It was released in 2013 and stars Chandler Canterbury and Annalise Basso.

Being a big fan of "The Goats," I was thrilled to see this movie on Netflix. While I generally enjoyed it, the book remains vastly superior.



  • The film stays pretty true to the book's plot line. I was surprised that they kept some of the more eyebrow-raising moments, like when Grace shows off her panties and wrestles Howie in motel bed.
  • The two main child actors are pretty good.
  • Though it was added for the film, I liked the idea of taking pictures through the whole ordeal and seeing them at the end.
  • It was interesting how the scenes in the film didn't fit with the ones I had in my head, but I they became much more real from the film.
  • I don't remember Howie being an orphan in the book, but it was a nice addition to the movie.


  • They naturally had to leave out the more controversial bits like childhood nudity, but I wish they would have kept in the parts about menstruation so that little boys watching would know about what girls have to deal with.
  • They changed Laura's name to Grace which didn't fit with the time setting. Laura was a popular name in the 1980s, Grace was not, but when the movie was released, Grace was popular while Laura was not.
  • While the camera was a good idea, in order to make the end-movie collage required Howie to take pictures at a lot of inopportune times.


  • The ending was lame. In the book, there is a very real chance that the two will disappear into the woods together, perhaps even to their death, yet they begrudgingly return on the condition that they never let go of each other. However, in the movie, the last we see of Howie is him being abandoned as Grace runs to hug her mother. Everything else about him is from the voice-over of Grace.
  • The fact that they kept Laura's piquing sexual interest in Howie but removed her menstruation means that they were okay with sexualizing a child, but not okay with talking about her normal biological processes. This is very disappointing.