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The radio broadcast of Star Wars is an audio dramatization of the original 1977 film and broadcast from 1981-03-09 to 1981-06-08. The program is 13 episodes with a total length of 6 hours and includes all the main events of the film, plus a lot of additional material. From the original cast, only Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels reprise their roles, the rest of the characters are voiced by different actors. It is considered canon by most authorities, but was eliminated from the canon when Disney bought Lucasfilm.


I bought a digital copy of this audio program as part of a Humble Bundle and have listened to it.



  • The program adds a lot of new content to the story, by adding backstory, fleshing out characters, and giving the full details on parts that were only hinted at in the film. It includes scenes that were cut from the film or cut from draft scripts.


  • Only two characters are voiced by their original actors, which is pretty low.
  • The dialogue which needed to be added to describe events in the film that were purely visual sound tacked-on.
  • They cut the Darth Vader portions of trench run scene, which kind of lessened the dynamic between Luke and Vader.


  • Most of the new dialogue is poorly written and hokey. I cringed through a lot of it.