Story of Yars' Revenge

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Story of Yars' Revenge

Yars' Revenge - 2600 - Book - Full.jpg

Paperback - USA - 1st edition, with cassette.

Author Unknown
Published 1982-??-??
Type Fiction, Comics
Genre Science Fiction
Themes Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
Age Group Children

Story of Yars' Revenge is a children's "read along" book and album published by Kid Stuff released in 1982 as a tie-in product for the Yars' Revenge video game.

Side A begins with the Atari Theme heard on other Atari "read along" dramas and then a dramatic reading of the comic book that came with the game read by Peter Fernandez.

Side B has begins with an electronica song called Yars' Revenge which makes heavy use of vocoder and includes sound effects from the game, then, there is a military ballad called Fly Yar Warriors. There is an additional dramatic reading detailing the attack of the Yars on the Qotile and eventual victory.


Read?Audiobook read by Peter Fernandez.

I didn't learn about this product until 2018, while looking for additional information about the video game for my web page. I found pictures of the product online, and then found a recording of it on YouTube.

While I've listened to the audio, but have not seen the book.




I really enjoy tie-in products like this and wish game companies would go back to the days of making additional tie-in material in various forms of media. The songs, though not groundbreaking, are still enjoyable, and I ended up listening to the album several times.

Track Listing

Story of Yars' Revenge

Yars' Revenge - 2600 - Album - Front.jpg

Vinyl - USA - 1st edition.

Artist Unknown
Published 1982-??-??
Type Concept, Studio
Genre Electronica, Military ballad

At least two versions were made, one with a cassette (catalog number: KSC-88943), one with an LP (catalog number: KSS-5033). The book's catalog number is KSC-943.

Track Title Composer Performer Rank Rating
A1 Atari Theme John Braden John Braden 5 Rating-0.svg
A2 Story Unknown Peter Fernandez 3 Rating-0.svg
B1 Yars' Revenge John Braden, Jeff Waxmann Unknown 1 Rating-2.svg
B2 Fly Yar Warriors John Braden, Jeff Waxmann Unknown 2 Rating-2.svg
B3 Story Conclusion Unknown Peter Fernandez 4 Rating-0.svg


Album Art