Story of Yars' Revenge

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Book with cassette.

Story of Yars' Revenge is a children's "read along" book and album published by Kid Stuff released in 1982 as a tie-in product for the Yars' Revenge video game.

Side A begins with the Atari Theme heard on other Atari "read along" dramas and then a dramatic reading of the comic book that came with the game read by Peter Fernandez.

Side B has begins with an electronica song called Yars' Revenge which makes heavy use of vocoder and includes sound effects from the game, then, there is a military ballad called Fly Yar Warriors. There is an additional dramatic reading detailing the attack of the Yars on the Qotile and eventual victory.

I didn't learn about this product until March 2018, while looking for additional information about the video game for my web page. I found pictures of the product online, and then found a recording of it on YouTube. I really enjoy tie-in products like this and wish game companies would go back to the days of making additional tie-in material in various forms of media.


I do not own this book or album. I have listened to the audio, but have not seen the book.

Track Listing

At least two versions were made, one with a cassette (catalog number: KSC-88943), one with an LP (catalog number: KSS-5033). The book's catalog number is KSC-943.

Track Title Composer Performer
A1 Atari Theme John Braden John Braden
A2 Story Unknown Peter Fernandez
B1 Yars' Revenge John Braden, Jeff Waxmann Unknown
B2 Fly Yar Warriors John Braden, Jeff Waxmann Unknown
B3 Story Conclusion Unknown Peter Fernandez