Stranger in Town

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Stranger in Town

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band - Stranger in Town.jpg

Vinyl - USA - 1st edition.

Artist Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
Published 1978-05-05
Type Studio
Genre Rock, Heartland rock, Hard rock

Stranger in Town is the tenth studio album by Bob Seger, and his second with the Silver Bullet Band. It was released on 1978-05-05 and very quickly became immensely successful. The music includes various forms of rock especially heartland rock and hard rock.



Classic rock was my primary genre when I was a teen, so I heard half of this album's songs on the radio numerous times. I've never owned the album itself, but I think I listened to the non-single tracks from the album once just to see if I was missing something, but wasn't impressed by them except for the song The Famous Final Scene which, after I assimilated it, became my favorite on the album.

Track Listing

Track Title Composer Rank Rating
A1 Hollywood Nights Bob Seger 5 Rating-4.svg
A2 Still the Same Bob Seger 6 Rating-3.svg
A3 Old Time Rock and Roll George Jackson, Thomas Earl Jones III 3 Rating-5.svg
A4 Till It Shines Bob Seger 7 Rating-0.svg
A5 Feel Like a Number Bob Seger 4 Rating-5.svg
B1 Ain't Got No Money Frankie Miller 8 Rating-0.svg
B2 We've Got Tonite Bob Seger 2 Rating-6.svg
B3 Brave Strangers Bob Seger 9 Rating-0.svg
B4 The Famous Final Scene Bob Seger 1 Rating-7.svg

The album's total score is 140.



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