Super Famicom Controller

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The Super Famicom Controller.

The Super Famicom Controller is a video game controller and the original gamepad for the Super Famicom. It was created by Nintendo and released on 1990-11-21 along with the Japanese release on the console. It features a 4-directional D-pad, four facing buttons labeled X, Y, B, and A, two function buttons labeled start and select, and two shoulder buttons labeled L and R. A few months later, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was released in the USA with a slightly redesigned SNES Controller. The controller has its roots with the earlier Famicom Controllers, but Nintendo add two additional facing buttons (tilted for better thumb access) and two shoulder buttons and removed the concept of a different second controller.

The Super Famicom Controller is included in the Controller Font.


I've never used a Super Famicom Controller, but, I've spent plenty of time using the SNES Controller which is nearly identical. The only differences are the four main buttons are different colors, and all four buttons are convex instead of like on the SNES controller where the X and Y buttons are concave.


My review for the SNES Controller works for this controller.