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Swanheart is an operatic symphonic power metal song by Nightwish. It was recorded in 1988 from August to October and first released on the album Oceanborn on 1998-12-07. The song was written and composed by Tuomas Holopainen and sung by Tarja Turunen. This is one of my favorite songs by Nightwish.

The overall sound of this song has such a morose energy and forlorn, yet simplistic, lyrics—I absolutely love it. The flute and piano is a fantastic intro and I like the overlapping lyrics in the first verse. The inclusion of the harp after the first chorus is lovely, the instrumental pickup along with Tara's vocals with the second verse is very powerful, and the instrumentals between it and the final lyrics and guitar are both amazing. This is one of the few songs that can get me teary-eyed when I'm in the right mood.


All those beautiful people,
I want to have them...
                 ...I want to have them all.
All those porcelain models,
If only I could make them fall.
              ...If only I could make them fall.

Be my heart a well of love,
Flowing free so far above.

A wintry eve,
Once upon a tale.
An ugly duckling,
Lost in a verse,
Of a sparrow's carol,
Dreaming the stars.

Be my heart a well of love,
Flowing free so far above.

In my world,
Love is for poets.
Never the famous balcony scene.
Just a dying faith,
On the heaven's gate.

Crystal pond awaits the lorn.
Tonight another morn for the lonely one is born.