TRS-80 Color Computer

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A TRS-80 Color Computer with peripherals and games.

The TRS-80 Color Computer (nicknamed the CoCo) is an 8-bit personal computer created by Tandy Corporation and first sold through Radio Shack in 1980 as a color version of the original TRS-80, though it was entirely incompatible with the older model. Despite having rather impressive hardware, the PC was out-competed by more affordable rivals like the Apple II, Commodore 64, and the Atari 8-bit line of computers. The platform did collect a pretty impressive software library, but it mostly saw ports, and few publishers targeted it for new software.

My uncle had a CoCo around 1985 and I was enamored by it. At that age, I enjoyed pretty much anything that emitted beeps and fuzzy colorful graphics, and being able to play games on it was fantastic. My cousin showed me several games that he had for it. I remember playing Lurkley Manor, a motorcycle barrel-jumping game, and some other game he had typed in from The Rainbow magazine.


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The only game I remember playing specifically for the TRS-80 CoCo is Lurkley Manor.




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