Takashi Tateishi

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Takashi Tateishi, circa 2020.

Takashi Tateishi is a Japanese musician and audio producer best known for composing video game music, the most noteworthy soundtrack being Mega Man 2. Tateishi was born on 1964-11-23. He was musically inclined as a teen and played in a band which made it easier for him to get hired at Capcom as a composer around 1988. He worked on a few games before leaving in 1990. He briefly worked for Takeru in 1991, but moved on to Konami around 1992 where he composed music for only a couple games, but mostly worked as a producer. He left Konami around 2000 and stopped composing music and now works as an organizer for music concerts and voice actors.


I became a fan of Tateishi music because of his amazing soundtrack on Mega Man 2. It's one of the first video games where the music really had an affect on me, and I made an effort to listen to it outside of the video game. In 2019, at MAGFest, I was able to meet Tateishi. I took diligent notes at his Q&A panel, asked him a question myself, and got him to sign my Mega Man 2 NES cartridge. Hoping I would find gems in his other games, I listened to each of their soundtracks, but I didn't find anything that impressed me. Perhaps if I played the game properly, an appreciation would grow.


Released Title Notes
1988-??-?? LED Storm (ARC)
1988-12-24 Mega Man II (NES) Arranged some of Manami Matsumae's music.
1989-06-?? Willow (ARC)
1991-05-03 Cocoron (FC)
1991-07-26 U.N. Squadron (SNES) Round 3
1993-01-?? Batman Returns (NES)
1993-11-?? Batman: The Animated Series (GB)
1993-11-?? Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Montana's Movie Madness (GB)
1999-06-24 Metal Gear Solid (PS1) Audio Director
2002-07-27 Dance Dance Revolution: 2nd Mix (DC) Producer
Unreleased Titan Warriors (NES) Sound Effects