Take Offs and Landings

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Take Offs and Landings

Rilo Kiley - Take Offs and Landings.jpg

CD - USA - 1st edition.

Artist Rilo Kiley
Published 2001-07-31
Type Studio
Genre Indie pop
Themes Relationships, breakups

Take Offs and Landings is the first full-length studio album by Rilo Kiley. It was self-produced and self-published on 2001-07-31 on CD, but shortly after its release, it was professionally published by Barsuk Records. The album has an indie pop rock sound and most of the songs deal with depressing topics like breakups and relationship incompatibilities.


Own?Yes. CD signed by Jenny Lewis, Blake Sennett, Pierre de Reeder, and Jason Boesel.

I first heard the songs Science Vs. Romance and Waves and Wires from the Rilo Kiley web site, and, after getting and loving, The Execution of All Things, I bought this album. The first time I listened to it, I didn't care much for the opener Go Ahead, but I liked most of the tracks on the album. Go Ahead has since grown on me. This is my second favorite Rilo Kiley album, and one of my favorite albums over all.

Track Listing

Tracks 8 and 15 do not exist on the self-published release. All songs are composed by Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett.

Track Title Vocals Rank Rating
01 Go Ahead Jenny Lewis 8 Rating-6.svg
02 Science vs. Romance Jenny Lewis 3 Rating-8.svg
03 Wires and Waves Jenny Lewis 12 Rating-4.svg
04 Pictures of Success Blake Sennett 1 Rating-9.svg
05 August Blake Sennett 10 Rating-4.svg
06 Bulletproof Jenny Lewis 7 Rating-7.svg
07 Plane Crash in C Jenny Lewis 2 Rating-9.svg
08 Variations on a Theme (Science vs. Romance) Instrumental 15 Rating-1.svg
09 Small Figures in a Vast Expanse Blake Sennett 9 Rating-5.svg
10 Don't Deconstruct Jenny Lewis 5 Rating-7.svg
11 Always Jenny Lewis 13 Rating-2.svg
12 We'll Never Sleep (God Knows We'll Try) Jenny Lewis 4 Rating-8.svg
13 Rest of My Life Blake Sennett 11 Rating-4.svg
14 Variations on a Theme (Plane Crash in C) Instrumental 14 Rating-1.svg
15 Spectacular Views (Salute My Shorts!) Blake Sennett 6 Rating-7.svg

The album's total score is 1,036.


Album Art


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