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The album's total score is 678.
The album's total score is 220.

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Album cover.

Tape Deck Heart is the fifth solo studio album by Frank Turner, published to CD on 2013-04-22. The songs are mostly folk rock and folk punk and focus on relationships, breakups, and substance abuse.


I was at a Frank Turner concert when he began playing some songs that I wasn't very familiar with, and it turned out that he had released a new album since I became of fan of his because of England Keep My Bones. I didn't know the songs, but they were sung with such high energy live that I bought the album at his merch table. It took me awhile to get to the new album, and I didn't really adore it at first because breakup albums are usually a bit too much for me, but it slowly grew on me.


I own this album on CD.

Track Listing

All songs sung by Frank Turner.

Track Title Composer
01 Recovery Frank Turner
02 Losing Days Frank Turner
03 The Way I Tend to Be Frank Turner
04 Plain Sailing Weather Frank Turner, Matt Nasir
05 Good & Gone Frank Turner
06 Tell Tale Signs Frank Turner
07 Four Simple Words Frank Turner
08 Polaroid Picture Frank Turner
09 The Fisher King Blues Frank Turner
10 Anymore Frank Turner
11 Oh Brother Frank Turner, Matt Nasir
12 Broken Piano Frank Turner

Song Rank

This is the order in which I enjoy the songs from this album, and their individual song ratings. I still need to re-listen to some of the tracks to better rank them.

Order Title Stars
1 Recovery 7
2 Losing Day 7
3 The Way I Tend to Be 6
5 Plain Sailing Weather 6
4 Good & Gone 5
6 Four Simple Words 4
7 Oh Brother 3
8 Tell Tale Signs 0
9 Polaroid Picture 0
10 The Fisher King Blues 0
11 Anymore 0
12 Broken Piano 0

The album's total score is 220.


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