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Tecmo's last logo before closing.

Tecmo was a Japanese video game developer and publisher. It's history dates back to the 1960s with a sanitation company from 1964 and a yacht company from 1967 slowly merging into an arcade game developer and distributor. The sanitation company became Tekhan and then became Tecmo, and merged with the yacht company in 1987 to better focus on home video game consoles. In 2009, Tecmo merged with Koei to form Koei Tecmo, and, by 2010, the company was officially closed.

I can't remember which game of Tecmo's I first learned about, but it was either Ninja Gaiden, which my brother borrowed from a friend, Rygar, which I first saw in the The Official Nintendo Player's Guide, or Tecmo Bowl, which my step-brother had. Definitely, the first game when the name Tecmo stuck in my head was Tecmo Bowl. In fact, knowing Tecmo specifically due to its line of sports games, I think I was even surprised to learn that Ninja Gaiden was a Tecmo title.

One of the things I admire about Tecmo is that they, like Capcom reworked their arcade titles before porting them so that they would play better on home consoles.


Here are the games Tecmo published that are important to me.

Game Boy






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