The 7th Guest (universe)

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The 7th Guest logo.

The 7th Guest universe is built around a couple horror games built around the story of a crazed toy maker who created toys to steal the souls of children. It began with the release of The 7th Guest in 1993 by Trilobyte, and grew in 1995 with the sequel, The 11th Hour a novel of the first game, then a compilation of the puzzles in 1996. But bad sales caused the company to close. The rights to the games were bought, and a couple remastered games and stand-alone puzzles have been released since, as well as an impressive fan game, but nothing new. At least three attempts were made to create an official third game in the series, but they all fell threw. A group of fans got together to make a fan project which eventually received the go-ahead by Trilobyte Games to be an officially licensed title called The 13th Doll.


I loved The 7th Guest when it was first released, and played it with a friend who owned it. Later, I bought my own copy and almost beat it, and finally did 20 years later. After The 11th Hour was relegated to the discount bin in the late 1990s, I bought it and started enjoying it as well, but didn't get too far into it. I'm curious to see what The 13th Doll is like as it is the first new material added to the franchise in decades, but, since it was a fan project, I'm not getting my hopes up.