The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle

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The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle is a platform action puzzle game developed by Kotobuki System and skinned with three different franchises for different platforms and regions. The original Famicom Disk System release was published by Kotobuki System on 1989-02-16 and featured a Who Framed Roger Rabbit them. The Japanese Game Boy released was published on 1989-05-09 and featured a Mickey Mouse theme. Then the game was published in North America by Kemco▲Seika for the NES and Game Boy a few months later with a Bugs Bunny theme. This is the first in the Crazy Castle series which includes other franchises as well.



  • Hiroyuki Masuno's jazzy music is surprisingly enjoyable for such an otherwise low-quality game which doesn't even attempt to have music from any of the licenses it used.
  • I like how different tools have to be used against enemies in different ways, but I would like to see more variety. The weight, crate, safe, and bucket all function the same way, only differing slightly in how far they can be pushed.


  • This is one of those games where it's pretty obvious that the developers already had a game in mind and then stuck a thin veneer of a franchise on top of it.
  • The graphics are pretty bad for all versions of the game.
  • The difficulty of the levels is all over the place. Some of the very last levels are really easy while some in th efirst 20 are really hard.
  • Since you get a password for each level, and every time you use a password you start with another 5 lives, lives are entirely pointless.
  • The game doesn't notify you of your progress very well. It would be nice to see a carrot counter, an icon showing when you have a boxing glove, and something to indicate when you're about to run out of invincibility after getting the carrot juice.
  • I think the developers missed an opportunity to award bonus points for various contingencies like killing all the enemies on the level, ending the level with an unused boxing glove, etc.
  • Normally, I like the idea of being able to watch a playback of your game, but since the levels are so short, and you can't save them, I don't really see the point. I wish the programmers had spent more time polishing the game rather than wasting it on this feature.


  • The controls are pretty awful. For no given reason, you can't change direction on stairways. Also, if you press up or down when there isn't an exit up or down, you will instead move in the direction you're facing (left or right). I died many times because of this unusual control scheme.


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