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The Catcher In the Rye is a novel by J. D. Salinger, published in 1951. I can see why emo kids like this book (that's not a compliment).



  • I do agree with Holden Caulfield about how annoying it is that people, especially actors and leaders, are often very phony.


  • Holden is a whiny little bitch through the whole book.
  • Holden is always complaining about phonies, but he's the biggest phony in the book, always pretending and lying to everyone he meets.
  • Holden is also a privileged ass. His family gives him a lot of money which he squanders on women that he hates, and he's constantly mocking poor people.


  • I was really annoyed at how the author kept repeating statements like, "I didn't care, I really didn't," and, "she was pretty, she really was." I get that he's trying to write like a teen would talk, but it's annoying. It really is.