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Remastered CD cover.

The Game is the eighth studio album by Queen released on 1980-06-30 and produced by Queen and Reinhold Mack. Like with previous albums, this one shows a clear evolution of the band's sound by not only expanding into new genres like rockabilly and funk, but also from adding a previously vilified synthesizer to their list of instruments.

I bought this album later into my obsession with the band. I had already heard Another One Bites the Dust from the radio, and Play the Game, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, and Save Me from compilation albums, but the rest of the album was new to me. Need Your Loving Tonight became anthems of mine for awhile, and I enjoyed the record as a whole, but a couple of the tracks like Don't Try Suicide and Coming Soon never really grew on me.


I own this album on CD.

Track Listing

Track Title Writer(s) Vocals
A1 Play the Game Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury
A2 Dragon Attack Brian May Freddie Mercury
A3 Another One Bites the Dust John Deacon Freddie Mercury
A4 Need Your Loving Tonight John Deacon Freddie Mercury
A5 Crazy Little Thing Called Love Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury
B1 Rock It (Prime Jive) Roger Taylor Roger Taylor, Freddie Mercury
B2 Don't Try Suicide Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury
B3 Sail Away Sweet Sister Brian May Brian May, Freddie Mercury
B4 Coming Soon Roger Taylor Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor
B5 Save Me Brian May Freddie Mercury


When EMI released their CD version they used black text and a different photo from the same photo shoot. When Hollywood Records released their CD, they used the original photo with white text, but the title was noticeably larger. When Hollywood remastered the album in 2011, the cover was reworked to look more like the original vinyl.

Song Rank

This is the order in which I enjoy the songs from this album, and their individual song ratings.

Order Title Stars
1 Save Me 9
2 Crazy Little Thing Called Love 8
3 Sail Away Sweet Sister 8
4 Play the Game 6
5 Another One Bites the Dust 6
6 Rock It (Prime Jive) 6
7 Need Your Loving Tonight 5
8 Dragon Attack 5
9 Coming Soon 4
10 Don't Try Suicide 2

The album's total score is 650.


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