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Famicom box art.

The Goonies is a platform action game based on the movie. It was developed and published by Konami originally for the Famicom on 1986-02-21. It was later ported to the Sharp X1, PC-88, Vs. System, PlayChoice-10, and Famicom Disk System. Strangely, even though the game was written entirely in English and released only a few months after the movie's American release, Konami never published the game in the USA. This may have been due to Nintendo of America's annual limit of five games per publisher.

I first saw this game on in the arcade room of Lakeland Arena in the late 1980s. I didn't have any quarters to play the game, but I got to watch some older kids play it, and I thought it looked cool. This led me to renting The Goonies II for the NES, which I thought was great. Years later, thanks to emulation, I was able to play the Famicom version and found it to be the origin of many aspects of the sequel, but I didn't put forth an effort to get good at it. Finally, I decided to hunker down and try to beat the game, which I did sometime around 2010.


I don't own this game, but I have beaten the Famicom version.


  • Overall: 6/10
  • Best Version: Famicom


  • The game is quite fun. The action keeps you on your toes, and, with practice, you can become good enough to beat it without too much difficulty.
  • Konami did a great job at introducing a large portion of the movie into the game: the Fratelli brothers, bats, booby traps, crazy pipes, a pirate ship complete with the ending sequence, even the octopus that was cut from the film shows up!
  • There are a lot of secret power-ups and bonus points to discover.
  • For a game without a save feature or password system, it is a good length. A play-through for a beginner will take about 45 minutes, while an expert can cut that down to about 25 minutes. It's long enough for an enjoyable sitting, but not so long you have to leave your system on for days.
  • I love the inclusion of the Cyndi Lauper song The Goonies 'R' Good Enough.


  • The black background is quite dull.
  • The hidden objects could have been hidden in a more interesting manner. Also, several of them have nothing to do with the game.
  • Some of the stuff in the game doesn't fit the movie like underground foxes, giant fish, and bone-throwing skeletons.
  • Once beaten, the game is essentially the same after every subsequent play-through; the only real randomness is the location of the last Goonie in the final stage. After that, you're just looking for new hidden items or trying to beat a previous score or time.


  • Nothing.


Box Art





Language Native Transliteration Translation
English The Goonies
Japanese グーニーズ Gunizu Goonies


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