The Happy Heretic

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First edition US hardcover.

The Happy Heretic is a non-fiction book written by Judith Hayes and published on 2000-06-01. It is a collection of writings about the criticism of religion, primarily about Christanity.

I bought this book at a CFI convention because I wanted to expand my knowledge of women in the skeptical and atheist movements.


I own a first edition hardcover.



  • Hayes records a lot of the constant hypocrisy around religious preaching piety and being terrible and writes scathing rebukes.


  • I don't care much for the satire articles. Religions have plenty of ridiculous ideas without having to make up new ones.
  • I don't like how the satire articles are intermixed in with the serious articles without an obvious indication.
  • Hayes often skips over areas where she could go into more detail. For example, in the chapter about morality, though she rightly points out the flaws with the belief that only religious people can have morals, she doesn't go into any depth on where morality actual comes from.


  • Nothing.