The Magic of Krynn

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US mass market.

DragonLance Tales, Volume 1: The Magic of Krynn is the first book in the DragonLance Tales sub-series where each book is a collection of several short stories, each by a different author, set in the DragonLance universe. The book was published in April, 1987. The cover art was painted by Larry Elmore, the interior ink drawings were drawn by Steve Fabian.

This was the second Tales book I read, the first was Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes. I read these books long before I read Chronicles because I wasn't sure I wanted to commit to the full series. The book is targeted at teens, and I certainly enjoyed the stories more when I was younger. Now, they seem a bit too hokey, but there is still enjoyment to be had.


Title Authors Format Description
"Riverwind and the Crystal Staff" Michael Williams Epic Riverwind searches for the blue crystal staff.
"The Blood Sea Monster" Barbara Siegel, Scott Siegel Short Story A poor elf accompanies an old fisherman to kill the Blood Sea Monster.
"A Stone's Throw Away" Roger E. Moore Short Story Tasslehoff steals a ring which keeps teleporting him closer to the citadel of an evil Magus.
"Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Light" Warren B. Smith Short Story An old portly tavern keeper dreams of heroically saving his town from Draconian invaders.
"Love and Ale" Nick O'Donohoe Short Story A love potion is accidentally dropped into a keg of ale at Otik and Tika's inn.
"Wayward Children" Richard A. Knaak Short Story Draconian soldiers occupy a village of older elves who seem very happy to see them.
"The Test of the Twins" Margaret Weis Short Story Raistlin takes the test of high sorcery, but needs Caramon's help.
"Harvests" Nancy Varian Berberick Short Story Tanis and Flint encounter a dark wizard who drains life essence to stay immoral.
"Finding the Faith" Mary Kirchoff Short Story The companions travel to Icefall to find a dragon orb.
"The Legacy" Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman Novella Caramon's son Palin takes the test of high sorcery, but Raistlin might be trying to take over his body.


I own this book and have read it.


— This section contains spoilers! —


  • "Wayward Children" has a nice air of mystery to it.
  • "A Stone's Throw Away" is pretty funny.
  • I like the cover art and interior art.


  • Several of the stories are a bit hokey or boring. I don't care much for "Riverwind and the Crystal Staff," "The Blood Sea Monster," or "Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Light."


  • Nothing.



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