The Miracle

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Original UK vinyl cover.

The Miracle is the thirteenth studio album by Queen. It's mostly hard rock and pop rock with a bit of experimental sounds as is typical of the band. It was produced by David Richards and the band and published on 1989-05-22.


This was one of the later Queen albums I bought. I already knew of I Want It All and The Miracle from compilations, but I was surprised to hear the album versions were markedly different, and, to this day, I prefer the single versions. I knew of Breakthru from a Queen documentary, so I was eager to hear that song, and I really liked it, and Was It All Worth It was a surprise gem. I initially liked the two intro tracks when I first started listening to the album, but I now see them as the low point of the album, and I wasn't that impressed by the other songs. This is my least favorite of Queen's studio albums.


I own a CD of the Hollywood Records release.

Track Listing

Track Title Writer(s) Vocals
A1 Party Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon Freddie Mercury, Brian May
A2 Khashoggi's Ship Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, Roger Taylor Freddie Mercury
A3 The Miracle John Deacon, Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury
A4 I Want It All Brian May Freddie Mercury, Brian May
A5 The Invisible Man Roger Taylor Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor
B1 Breakthru Roger Taylor, Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury
B2 Rain Must Fall John Deacon, Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury
B3 Scandal Brian May Freddie Mercury
B4 My Baby Does Me John Deacon, Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury
B5 Was It All Worth It Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury

Song Rank

This is the order in which I enjoy the songs from this album, and their individual song ratings.

Order Title Stars
1 I Want It All 7
2 Was It All Worth It 7
3 Breakthru 6
4 The Miracle 6
5 The Invisible Man 5
6 Scandal 5
7 Rain Must Fall 3
8 My Baby Does Me 3
9 Khashoggi's Ship 2
10 Party 2

The album's total score is 236.



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