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The Office is a serialized cast situational comedy television show that first aired on 2005-03-24, lasted nine seasons, and finished in 2013. It is based on an British show of the same name.


I didn't start watching this show until after it had been out for about 6 seasons. I started watching it and finished the first season, but didn't continue. A couple years later, after the show had finished, I started it again and watched the entire series. The show remained pretty hilarious with the occasional heart-warming episode for the first seven seasons, but, as they start replacing characters and increased the group size in the later seasons, it became less interesting. Midway through the eighth season it went off the rails. Still, it's one of my favorite shows.


Sorted by order of how much I like the each character.

Character Actor
Dwight Schrute Rainn Wilson
Stanley Hudson Leslie David Baker
Jim Halpert John Krasinski
Pam Beesly Jenna Fischer
Toby Flenderson Paul Lieberstein
Holly Flax Amy Ryan
Michael Scott Steve Carell
Angela Martin Angela Kinsey
Kevin Malone Brian Baumgartner
Oscar Martinez Oscar Nunez
Meredith Palmer Kate Flannery
Kelly Kapoor Mindy Kaling
Andy Bernard Ed Helms
Phyllis Lapin Phyllis Smith
Creed Bratton Creed Bratton
Darryl Philbin Craig Robinson
Jan Levinson Melora Hardin
Roy Anderson David Denman
Ryan Howard B. J. Novak



Strong female character?Pass
Bechdel test?Pass
Strong person of color character?Pass
Queer character?Pass


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