The Sense of Sight

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The Sense of Sight, 1895.

The Sense of Sight is an oil painting by Annie Swynnerton which was finished in 1895. In the painting, the sense of sight is depicted as an angel viewing all the beauty of Earth. Most of the painting's detail is in the face and hands of the angel with the landscape and her wings and gown kept vague.


I really love this painting. I like the beauty of the angel with her innocent face with its rosy cheeks and striking eyes, I like the wonderful choice of color with the violet wings and red flowing robes, and I like the technical difficulty of getting so much detail in the face and see-through gown.

The only thing I don't like about this painting is the detail on the wings. I love their color, but they look rather sloppy. I don't know if they are the result of damage over time, or if Swynnerton purposely made them without detail to make sure the viewer's eye is first attracted to the angel's face.