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The original box.

The Ultimate RPG Archives is a compilation of former AAA role-playing video games published by Interplay and released for Windows in 1998, although all of the games are for MS-DOS. It was sold in a traditional box format, and a tall narrow fold out, each with 5 CDs, although, only the traditional box included jewel cases for them.


The compilation contains the following games:


I saw this compilation in stores sometime around 2000. I already owned two of the games in the compilation, but I had played several and wanted them and heard good things about the ones I hadn't played, so I bought it. I ended up installing all of the games, but only really spent a lot of time on the Might and Magic games. Regardless, I'm glad I purchased it.

I own the tall fold out case of CDs and have the manual.


  • Unlike other compilations I'd purchased, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it came with the complete manuals for each of the games (albeit reproductions in a single thick tome).
  • The large fold out container doesn't include CD cases, so you have to be very gentle with the CDs to prevent scratching.

See the individual games for more detailed reviews.


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