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Theatre refers to live plays, musicals, and other performance art.

To help distinguish between the two, I use the British spelling of "theatre" when I'm talking about stage performances, and the American spelling "theater" when talking about movies.


When I was around 6-7, my mother put me in a community children's theatre workshop. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and it helped me become involved in my elementary school's choir, where I was in a couple musicals. I continued taking drama in middle school, but, by high school, computers and video games had taken over most of my life, although I still enjoyed seeing stage performances. In my adult life I was part of a troupe that did shadow-casts of The Rocky Horror Picture Show for several years. I recognize that I'm not a very skilled performer. I can't act very well and I'm a terrible singer and dancer, so I don't try out for any demanding parts, but I still very much love seeing live plays and musicals.