Tips & Tactics: The Legend of Zelda

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Tips & Tactics: The Legend of Zelda

Tips & Tactics - Legend of Zelda, The - Paperback - USA.jpg

Paperback - USA - 1st edition.

Author Work House
Published 1986-02-??
Type Non-fiction, Strategy guide
Genre Video Game
Themes Video Games
Age Group Children

Tips & Tactics: The Legend of Zelda is a strategy guide for The Legend of Zelda. It was conceived of by Work House and published by Tokuma Shoten. The original Japanese release was titled 必勝ヒント本 ゼルダの伝説, [Hissho Hinto Hon: Zelda no Densetsu], Winning Hint Book: Legend of Zelda and printed in February, 1986 under the わんぱっくコミック増刊 [Wanpakku komikku zokan] Naughty Comic: Special Edition series. It was translated into English and published in the USA in 1987.



In my NES days, I had no idea this book existed, but I would have loved it. My brother owned The Official Nintendo Player's Guide which had a lot of detailed maps and tips for The Legend of Zelda, but this book goes into much more detail.





  • The book provides detailed maps for the over world and the first six underworlds. It also tells you what to expect from the seventh, eighth, and ninth underworlds.
  • Rather than simply give all the game's secrets away, it gives hints to the reader enabling them to uncover each hint for themselves. Although, it doesn't do the best job at this.


  • Despite having a wealth of information, the book's initial content is just duplicated from the original game manual.
  • The key for the map layouts use the traditional top-to-bottom then right-to-left layout of Japanese text, not the left-to-right then top-to-bottom of English. This should have been updated for English readers.
  • In the US publication there are a few Engrish moments, spelling errors, and typos. For example, the Triforce of Wisdom is referred to as the "Wisdom of Triforce." The US editor's name is even misspelled in the credits!
  • A lot of the television photos are so close up you see a mess of RGB dots rather than an image. The photos from the game manual are superior. Also, some of the screenshots are from the Japanese version of the game with the Japanese text obscured with a black marker, but still semi-legible.


  • Rather than use a walk-through which would take the reader through the game's story in an orderly manner, the book gives hints based on where they appear on the map (in reverse order). For example, the starting cave where you get the rusty sword isn't described until page 46! And the first room described in the section on the first underworld is the Triforce chamber! This makes it impossible for the reader to look through the book without being exposed to unwanted spoilers. For example, the over world map tells all of the locations for the underworlds, so the old man hints in the underworlds are pointless by the time you reach that section of the book.



Role Staff
Concept Work House, Tokyo.
Cooperation Keiichi Kikushima, Jun Natsui
Cell Pictures Original Pictures / Yoshimiru, Cell work / Hideaki Itoh
Illustrations Susumu Kobayshi, Narumi Tanaka
Design Ohbun-Seikosha Co., Ltd.
Publisher Hideo Ogata
Published By Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.
Editor Masayoshi Suzuki
US Editor Howard Philips, with Lynn Griffes
US Version Producer Tsutomu Otsuka