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Tips & Tactics: The Legend of Zelda is a hint book for The Legend of Zelda. It was conceived of by Work House and published by Tokuma Shoten Publishing in the USA in 1987.

In my NES days, I had no idea this book existed, but I would have loved it. My brother owned The Official Nintendo Player's Guide which had a lot of detailed maps and tips for The Legend of Zelda, but this book goes into much more detail.


I do not own this book, but I have read it.




  • The grammar is pretty bad with a lot of Engrish moments. For example, the Triforce of Wisdom is referred to as the "Wisdom of Triforce."
  • Despite having a wealth of information, a large amount of the book's content is essentially duplicated from the original game manual.
  • A lot of the television photos are so close up you see a mess of RGB dots rather than an image. The photos from the game manual are much better.
  • Some of the screenshots are from the Japanese version of the game with the Japanese text obviously obscured with a black mask.




Role Staff
Concept Work House, Tokyo.
Cooperation Keiichi Kikushima, Jun Natsui
Cell Pictures Original Pictures / Yoshimiru, Cell work / Hideaki Itoh
Illustrations Susumu Kobayshi, Narumi Tanaka
Design Ohbun-Seikosha Co., Ltd.
Publisher Hideo Ogata
Published By Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.
Editor Masayoshi Suzuki
US Editor Howard Philips, with Lynn Griffes
US Version Producer Tsutomu Otsuka