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Tony Fagenson (c. 2017).

Anthony Edward Fagenson (born 1978-07-18), is an American musician best known as the drummer for the alternative rock group, Eve 6. Fagenson grew up steeped in the music industry because his father is famous musician and producer Don Was. While attending the University of Southern California, Fagenson auditioned for a group called Eleventeen around 1997, after their demo album had been recorded, and was hired as the drummer. When the band's record label forced the group to choose a different name, Fagenson suggested the name "Eve 6," which he got from an episode of the X-Files. Fagenson played with Eve 6 until their breakup in 2004. In 2005, Fagenson and Eve 6 front man Max Collins formed a duo called The Sugi Tap, which played for a couple years before reforming as Eve 6 in 2008. Fagenson remained with Eve 6 until 2018 when he retired from the band. In addition to Eve 6, Fagenson has produced or co-wrote songs with Puddle of Mudd, Emily Osment, Illustrated, the Johnsons, Sandra N, Malbec, and the Outré.

I have seen Fagenson play several times with Eve 6 and met him a couple times. He was always friendly and chatty with the group.


With Eve 6

Released Album Title Type
1998-04-28 Eve 6 Studio
2000-07-25 Horrorscope Studio
2003-07-22 It's All In Your Head Studio
2010-??-?? Extended Versions Live
2012-04-24 Speak In Code Studio


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