Totem Destroyer II

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Totem Destroyer II

Totem Destroyer II - WEB - Screenshot - Title.png

Browser - Screenshot - Title.

Publisher Newgrounds
Published 2009-02-05
Platforms Browser
Genres Active puzzle, Casual, Physics, Puzzle
Themes Adventure
Series Totem Destroyer
Distribution Freeware

Totem Destroyer II is a physics puzzle video game developed by, published by Newgrounds, and released as a browser game on 2009-02-05. The game is the sequel to Totem Destroyer and it too was programmed in Flash.

In the game, golden idols are stacked atop piles of teetering blocks. You must destroy a set number of blocks without allowing the idol to fall to the ground and break. The game introduces new explosive and floating blocks as well as different totem shapes.


Own?No. This game was never sold.
Won?Yes. Main story, locked levels, and the Newgrounds levels.

I didn't learn about this game until long after I had finished the original. Expecting it to be a nice casual game, I played it and beat all the levels in one sitting.


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Best Version: Browser

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The new graphics for the blocks look better.
  • The game adds a built-in level editor, though I found it difficult to use.
  • There are some achievements for added challenges.
  • The game includes all the levels of the original title, which makes it a nice one-stop game.


  • It felt like too many of the levels depended on explosive blocks. I don't think the floating and combo blocks weren't fully explored.
  • The art for the environment doesn't look as nice as the original, and I found the birds to be more distracting than attractive.
  • While I liked the unlockable levels, I don't see why these couldn't have just been part of the main game.


  • Nothing.





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