Totem Destroyer II

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Title screen.

Totem Destroyer II is a physics puzzle video game developed by, published by Newgrounds, and released as a browser game on 2009-02-05. The game is the sequel to Totem Destroyer and it too was programmed in Flash.

In the game, golden idols are stacked atop piles of teetering blocks. You must destroy a set number of blocks without allowing the idol to fall to the ground and break. The game introduces new explosive and floating blocks as well as different totem shapes.


I didn't learn about this game until long after I had finished the original. Expecting it to be a nice casual game, I played it on a Sunday evening and beat it on 2022-10-32. I finished the main story, the locked levels, and the Newgrounds levels.

This game is free online. I have beaten it.


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Best Version: Browser

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The new graphics for the blocks look better.
  • The game adds a built-in level editor, though I found it difficult to use.
  • There are some achievements for added challenges.
  • The game includes all the levels of the original title, which makes it a nice one-stop game.


  • It felt like too many of the levels depended on explosive blocks. I don't think the floating and combo blocks weren't fully explored.
  • The art for the environment doesn't look as nice as the original, and I found the birds to be more distracting than attractive.
  • While I liked the unlockable levels, I don't see why these couldn't have just been part of the main game.


  • Nothing.






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