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Trilobyte's logo.

Trilobyte was a video game company founded in December 1990 by Graeme Devine and Rob Landeros. The two went on to produce one the the most expensive and technically demanding games of the time, The 7th Guest. The game was a huge success, and was followed up by The 11th Hour, but the company had a lot of in-fighting between the founders, and, after a handful more lack-luster games, and canceled projects, the company folded in 1999. A couple failed attempts were made to revive the company, but, in November 2010, Trilobyte was relaunched as Trilobyte Games, which, as far as I know, has no relation to the original company other than the name. So far, they've only released ports of existing games and games based on the existing puzzles.

I loved The 7th Guest which is how I heard of the company, and started to enjoy The 11th Hour, but hardware problems always plagued me, so I never beat either game. To me, Trilobyte is one of those "what might have been" companies.


These are the Trilobyte games that are important to me.



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