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Trivia Adventure box.

Trivia Adventure is a children's trivia board game published by Pressman Toy Corp. in 1983. In Canada it was published by Playtoy Industries as I.Q. 2000, and in Europe, it was published by Milton Bradley as the Game of Knowledge. To play the game, players take turns rolling a die to move along a path from the Earth to the outer planets of the solar system. They answer general trivia on the path, but are stopped with category-specific trivia on each planet. Incorrect answers stop the player's turn, but correct answers let them roll again. The goal is to be the first player to reach the fictional planet beyond the orbit of Pluto, Quizaar.

There were slight differences between the American Trivia Adventure and European Game of Knowledge. In Trivia Adventure, when a player passes a planet, they get a paper card to add to their holder, but, in Game of Knowledge, a plastic ring is placed around the player's pawn. Also, in Trivia Adventure, the final planet is called Quizaar, but, in Game of Knowledge, it's called Galaxia.


My family got this game in the mid-1980s and this is what got me interested in trivia. I remember playing the game with my family and often quizzing myself and my family with the cards, even when we weren't playing the game. The game's ending planet also gave me a fondness for the astronomical object known as a quasar.



  • Each of the trivia cards had easy and difficult questions so that children of varying age groups could play.
  • This is a great introduction to trivia for children.
  • The colorful solar system was a nice setting for the game.


  • The game doesn't present a very realistic view of the solar system!
  • With only 260 general knowledge questions, frequent players would quickly have them memorized.


  • Nothing.