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I never owned a TurboGrafx-16, or even played it much. Once, some time in either the later 1980s or early 1990s I was able to play it once at my brother's rich friend's house. I definitely played a Bonk game, and maybe a tennis game? I didn't play it again until around the 2000s using an emulator.



  • I found the tiny game cards (HuCard) to be impressive when I first saw them. How could they fit an entire game on them compared to an NES cartridge? Of course, when you open an NES cart, you see why.
  • Putting turbo buttons on the default controller was a very nice idea.
  • The system does feature a pretty nice graphics chip, and a lot of the games have beautiful artwork.
  • The sound chip was really impressive at the time, six programmable waves! But I haven't found that many games that feature great music.


  • There just aren't that many good games for the system. I've played most of the highest-ranked games and found them to be only so-so (although, this is certainly affected by my now-higher expectations).
  • While I get that most games in the 1980s were one player (or hot-seat), the lack of a built-in second controller port is pretty shoddy. To play a two-player game you must not only buy a second controller, but also the TurboTap.


  • Nothing