Tut's Tomb

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Starting a new game of Tut's Tomb.

Tut's Tomb is a puzzle video game developed by Rick LaPlante and published by Microsoft in the Microsoft Entertainment Pack 2 for Windows 3 in 1991. It is a video game version of the card game pyramid solitaire and one of many Microsoft card games.


Although I never owned this game, some friends of mine did, so I was able to play it various times throughout the 1990s.

I don't own this game, but have beaten it various times.


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Best Version: Windows 3

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The game is a nice bare-bones version of pyramid solitaire.
  • The ability to change the card back is a nice feature.


  • The game is multimedia-challenged, using the default 16-color Windows palette and lacking sound and music.
  • The game doesn't include any of the more interesting variations of pyramid solitaire.
  • Although the play field expands to accommodate larger monitors, it doesn't adjust the spacing between the cards, so they're always stuck at the top.


  • Nothing.