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An older version of μTorrent.

μTorrent, often stylized as uTorrent and read as either "You Torrent," "Myu Torrent," or "Micro Torrent," is a free torrent client for Windows originally developed by Ludvig Strigeus in C++. The program was later sold to BitTorrent, Inc. The program began as a free light-weight torrent client, but the developer wanted to monetize it, so he added a lot of obnoxious and potentially harmful adware and eliminated a couple features and required users to buy the product to get them back.

I still use an old version of μTorrent as my primary torrent client due to its lightweight and simple interface that still allows for a lot of customization.


This is the last decent version before the developer started bundling in so much adware and eliminating free features that it became garbage.


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