Ultima: Exodus - Hint Book

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Ultima: Exodus - Hint Book

Ultima - Exodus - Hint Book - Paperback - USA - 1st Edition.jpg

Paperback - USA - 1st edition.

Author Work House
Published 1989-??-??
Type Non-fiction, Strategy guide
Genre Fantasy, Video Game
Themes Fantasy, Video Games
Age Group Children

The Ultima: Exodus - Hint Book is a hint book for Ultima: Exodus, the NES port of Ultima III: Exodus. It was produced by Work House and published by FCI in the USA in 1989.



My brother bought me this book shortly after I received the game for Christmas around 1990 or 1991. I really loved the book and read it cover to cover dozens of times. It was not just extremely helpful at giving me the information I needed to beat the game, but it's also nicely illustrated and well-designed.





  • The water colors of the opening comic are beautiful.
  • Illustrations are made for the majority of the game's weapons, armor, tools, races, and monsters.
  • The are dozens of screenshots from the game all through the book.
  • Detailed maps are included for every town and dungeon, as well as Sosaria, Ambrosia, and Exodus' castle.
  • The useful aspects of each town are described, screenshots are made, and even little illustrations are given.
  • Each dungeon is mapped, described, and you're told on which level you can find key items.


  • Some of the people the book identifies as having helpful hints are actually not useful at all.
  • The opening story tries to retcon aspects of the Ultima story like confusing Britannia with Sosaria, and, for some reason, Lord British is depicted as a stereo-typical Jesus.
  • Even though red is available in the printing on the pages of the map of Exodus' castle, the lava is not colored red, but solid green.


  • The book is very poorly bound. Shortly after I got the book, the cover began to fall away from the pages, and, slowly but surely, the pages began to fall out.



Role Staff
Produced and Edited Work House, U.S.A., Inc.
Editor in Chief Yukio Yamashita
Senior Editor Kenji Orimo
Editors Nobu Takagi, Pocky Iwase, Death Iwamoto
Layout Hiroshi Ohashi
Illustrators Tetuo Hiroi, Macky Ohmori, Kenji Murata
Cover Design Hiroshi Ohashi
Assistant Editor Tiger Tsukamoto
Copy Consultant Kazuto W. Brandjord
Copy Coordinator Golden Empire Publications, Johnny L. Wilson, Jason Watabe, Margot Blattmann
FCI Editors Elizabeth Hamburg, Tatsuo Ozu
Editorial Consultants Donn Nauert (Sendai Publications), Kunihiko Kagawa (Pony Canyon), Yasuhiro Kawashima (Locus)