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Veritasium title card.

Veritasium is an Internet show hosted by science communicator, Dr. Derek Muller which started in 2011. The name comes from the word Veratas (the Roman goddess of Truth), with the prefix -ium, which denotes a mass of something and is used for most chemical elements. Thus the show's subtitle, "an element of truth." In the show, Muller covers interesting scientific phenomena primarily by trying to get the viewer to predict what will happen or by showing people trying to work out what will happen, and then explaining the science behind it. The show is primarily physics related, but Muller covers many other fields of science as well.


I began watching this show not too long after it began. I especially like Muller's approach to try and get the viewer to predict what will happen in videos rather than simply explain what happens because I find it much more engaging.


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