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Wordtris mixes Tetris and spelling.

A word video game is a genre of video game based on a word game. Frequently, these are just traditional word games or board games designed to function as a video game, although, the more interesting ones take advantage of the unique aspects of the technology and create something new.


While I didn't care much for word games as a child, I started to become more interested in them in my later teens, and now have a fondness for them. However, I've noticed that more word games developed into video games are typically just the basic games you can play with a pen and paper, so, they're little more than a convenience rather than something impressive.


This is a list of word video games that are important to me. For all games in this genre, see the word game category.

Title Released Developer
Bookworm 2002-11-29 PopCap Games
The Fool's Errand 1987-??-?? Synergistic Software
Super TextTwist 2001-10-12 GameHouse
Words with Friends 2009-07-?? Newtoy
Wordtris 1991-??-?? Armenica