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Voice Audiobook Player is a free and open source audio book player developed by Paul Woitaschek for Android in 2014. It is a no-nonsense audio book player which has the basic features you would expect including bookmarks, custom playback speed, dark theme, sleep timer, and a few others. However, more importantly, it doesn't have ads or any of the other bloat of more corporate audio book players.

I can't find a list of supported formats anywhere, but I can confirm it handles FLAC, M4A, MP3, and OGG.


After I stopped using a DAP for audio books, I tried listening to them with foobar2000 Mobile, but found the program ill-suited for audio books. After a quick search online, this program was well rated, and the ad-free open source model certainly caught my attention. After a short while of getting used to it, it has become my primary audio book player.



  • The program is both free to use and free from ads. It also doesn't have obnoxious bloat.
  • The program has a very simple interface that I picked up quickly. All the expected features are there (play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, bookmark, etc.) as well as several bonus features (accelerated text, equalizer, gain, dark theme, etc.)


  • The program does a poor job of saving where it left off, especially when using variable-speed audio codecs, even those with a proper VBR header. You're pretty much forced to use the bookmark feature before you close the app or shutdown your device, because it will lose your place.
  • The reader is very touchy with any file that isn't perfectly formatted and will crash. You can usually fix this by rebuilding the audio stream, but not always.


  • Nothing.