Weezer (Blue Album)

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Weezer - Weezer (Blue Album).jpg

CD - USA - 1st edition.

Artist Weezer
Published 1994-05-10
Type Studio
Genre Alternative rock, Emo
Themes Relationships, family, comfort

Weezer is the debut self-titled studio album by the band Weezer. It was released on CD on 1994-05-10 and produced by Ric Ocasek. The album is a good example of mid-1990s alternative rock and early emo music.


Own?Yes, CD.

Like many people, my first experience with the songs from this album came from the included music video of Buddy Holly on the Windows 95 upgrade CD. Later, a friend of mine bought the album (I thought the band named sounded stupid), and we listened to the first couple songs. It wasn't too long after that I got the CD myself (I think my mother paid for it and it was one of the very first CDs I owned). I became more acquainted with the other tracks and began to like it a lot. This album became very important to my formative tastes in music, and listening to it always brings me back to my years in middle school.

Regarding the graphic design, I really like the layout of this album. The solid blue field on the cover gives it a very simple and unique look. The CD itself is a simple solid blue too. The band members look pretty goofy on the cover and Brian Bell's face was actually digitally replaced with a different photo. One thing I hate about the album is the lack of lyrics to the songs in the booklet. This made it pretty impossible for me to understand a lot of the words for years until I found them on the Internet.

Track Listing

All songs sung by Rivers Cuomo.

Track Title Writer(s) Rank Rating
1 My Name Is Jonas Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Jason Cropper 3 Rating-8.svg
2 No One Else Rivers Cuomo 10 Rating-1.svg
3 The World Has Turned and Left Me Here Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson 4 Rating-7.svg
4 Buddy Holly Rivers Cuomo 6 Rating-6.svg
5 Undone - The Sweater Song Rivers Cuomo 9 Rating-2.svg
6 Surf Wax America Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson 7 Rating-6.svg
7 Say It Ain't So Rivers Cuomo 2 Rating-8.svg
8 In the Garage Rivers Cuomo 1 Rating-9.svg
9 Holiday Rivers Cuomo 5 Rating-7.svg
10 Only in Dreams Rivers Cuomo 8 Rating-6.svg

The album's total score is 739.


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